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Current Projects using The Rig in a Box


The Rig in the Box is currently at work on this Lincoln Park Illinois home, doing a complete gut rehab and a new back addition.


With The Rig in a Box, because there are no space requirements - we able to drill in very close quarters with limited space. The Rig in a Box is compact - standing roughly 10 feet tall, and 4 feet wide, and is easily transported through doors or windows - and then easily sets up in the basement - your entire lot is left relatively undisturbed.

Most Geothermal drill rigs are large and quite heavy, needing the exta weight to use as leverage in order to drill to the depths that a Geothermal loop field needs to reach. (roughly 200 feet beneath the ground)


The Rig in the Box doesn't need to be large or heavy, because it uses the basement ceiling joists as its leverage point. It uses the weight of the house as leverage to drill - thus eliminating the need for large, loud machinery - eliminates the need to excavate your backyard, period. The Rig in a Box is completely non-evasive, relatively quiet (in comparison to the bigger rigs) and transports easily into your basement by either a door or window.

For more information on The Rig in a Box, call 630-400-9012 or click HERE to E-mail us now.